BNVCF Golf Classic


2014 Bobbie Nick Voss Charitable Funds Golf Classic

A message from the board:

The Bobbie Nick Voss Golf Classic is scheduled for Monday, June 30, 2014 at North Hills Country Club.

Thanks to the generosity of our many supporters, the Bobbie Nick Voss Charitable Funds has acheived impressive results since our inception:

Raised in excess of a net $540,000 in the past eight years.

  • Raised in excess of a net $540,000 in the past eight years.
  • Established the Bobbie Nick Voss Laboratory for Colorectal Cancer Research at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • Established a partnership with Community Memorial Hospital supporting the colon cancer screening project at their Community Outreach Clinic. During our partnership, we have provided more than 115 no-charge colonoscopies for high-risk, uninsured patients.
  • Gifted funds to Community Memorial Hospital to hire a Community Health Educator to raise awareness of colon cancer and the importance of early detection. Our support has allowed colon cancer awareness messages to reach more than 96,000 people at 171 health events and more than 1.46 million people via publications, educational materials and broadcast media.

We are asking for your participation in this worthwhile event; we are confident its success will make a difference in people’s lives in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Thank you for supporting the 2014 Bobbie Nick Voss Golf Classic!

Julie Boucher Sellars, Jenny Cagle, Bill Haise, Sue Hollenstein, Marsha Mather, Peter Melchior, Randy Nick, Crystal Perez, Gaylene Townsley, Peter Van Ermen

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